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Safety first (and always)

Over the years that I’ve owned and taken of care of other people’s pets I’ve learned a lot of things about safety measures we can take to keep them safe.  Some things are quite obvious but to a first time pet owner removing your… Continue Reading “Safety first (and always)”

Teaching adaptability

While your pets are young and growing, or if they are grown but newly introduced to your home it is important to stick to a routine to make them comfortable, teach them that you are their family and provider and help them learn what… Continue Reading “Teaching adaptability”

What exactly does “vacation care” mean?

I’ve had a few calls recently requesting ‘boarding’ services which is something I do not offer.  I don’t have a facility, therefore, have no where to house any guest dogs.  I have my home where my own dogs reside with me.  What I offer… Continue Reading “What exactly does “vacation care” mean?”

No judgement here

I’ve wanted to write about this for a while and keep forgetting until I come across another situation that reminds me of it.  I’ve had a few recently so here it is. I don’t understand why people feel the need to judge others based… Continue Reading “No judgement here”

Ick, ticks!

Ah spring is finally upon us!  The temperatures are warming up, grass and trees are getting green, and the birds and bugs are out.  And that includes ticks. Ticks have become a bigger concern more recently than they ever were in previous years.  Besides… Continue Reading “Ick, ticks!”

Let’s let dogs be dogs

I recently took a vacation and visited a place I have always wanted to go…Costa Rica.  I rarely take my own dog-free vacations because, well, I enjoy the company of my dogs and if they can go with me I take them.  But this… Continue Reading “Let’s let dogs be dogs”

Fairwell Friend

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love animals, especially dogs.  There is just something so special about a creature who pretty much spends their life wanting to please you, wanting your love and attention and in return giving unconditional love.  There is… Continue Reading “Fairwell Friend”

Winter and Holiday Hazards

Well the holiday season is well under way and as we prepare our homes for family and other guests we must remember to keep things safe for our furry residents as well.  The holidays are an exciting time with celebrations galore, breaks from school… Continue Reading “Winter and Holiday Hazards”

Do you ResQwalk?

Back in July I was introduced to an app called ResQwalk which I have been using on a daily basis while walking my own dogs as well as all my client’s dogs. It’s a pretty neat idea that benefits animal rescues and registered animal welfare organizations… Continue Reading “Do you ResQwalk?”

Freaky Stuff

Recently I witnessed a scary situation with a young pup I was asked to feed and walk.  It was something that can happen to anyone.  Luckily it happened while I was there.  When I took him out of his crate he was already wearing… Continue Reading “Freaky Stuff”