Teaching adaptability

While your pets are young and growing, or if they are grown but newly introduced to your home it is important to stick to a routine to make them comfortable, teach them that you are their family and provider and help them learn what your expectations of them are.

Once your pets are in a routine I think it’s important to switch it up sometimes.  What I mean by that is not always feeding them at the exact same time everyday, not walking them the exact same route everyday, and so on.  If your pets learn to be adaptable it will make it easier for you if you need to travel and take your pets with you.  It will also make it easier if you travel and have to leave your pets at home in the care of someone else.  A friend, family member or pet sitter may not be able to feed your pet at the exact time that you do due to scheduling so getting your pets used to being fed within a time frame rather than an exact time will help.  If you walk your dogs for an hour everyday but your care provider can only do a half hour walk then the route they walk will need to be different so getting your dog used to different routes will help.

If I’m unable to provide exactly what you’re asking for with regards to your pets’ care I will always try to offer an alternative solution whether it be a shorter walk or a different time frame for their visits and if your pet is taught to be adaptable it will be easier for you to accept what I can offer and know that your pet will be just fine.

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