All the poop-y things

There is a phenomenon that happens every winter that I don’t understand.  It never fails as the days get shorter and colder, darkness comes earlier and the snow flies for some reason people get out of the habit of picking up after their dogs.


I don’t get it but year after year you see more dog poop on the trails and sidewalks in the colder months than you do at other times of the year.  Is it because people don’t want to take their hands out of their gloves or mittens?  They can’t see the poop because it’s dark before 7:30am and after 4:30 pm?  Or think they can’t be seen NOT picking up because it’s dark and fewer people are out and about in the winter?  Do they think magically when the snow melts the poop will melt too?  I have answers for all of these…..take your mitts off – it only takes a minute! or even leave them on…a gloved hand will still go in a pick up bag.  Carry a flashlight or use the one on your cell phone-pretty simple.  Poop does not melt with the snow so just pick it up.  Some of it will break down but it takes a long time and no one wants to have to look at it or worse, step in it!  As someone who spends a LOT of time around dogs and is diligent about picking up after them there is nothing worse than stepping in it!

Speaking of poop-y things how do you carry your pick up bags?  I find it interesting how others carry their bags.  Personally I will just stick a couple of bags or a roll of bags in my pocket.  Yes, that means you’ll likely find a pick up bag in the pocket of pretty much every coat I own and yes, I have washed many unused bags that have been left in pockets.  Some people have those cute little dispensers attached to their leashes, some people will just tie a bag or two (or five!) to the leash handle.  I don’t know why but both of those two methods drive me crazy!  I want nothing attached to my leash except the dog of course.



More poop talk… do you pick up in your own yard?  Do you use individual bags like you would use on a walk?  One larger bag with a smaller one over your hand or do you use a shovel or trowel?  Do you have a scooper?  Do you use a scooper service?  Do you pick up all winter long or leave it for that dreaded spring clean up?  Personally I have a bucket lined with a bag and use a scooper and I pick up all winter long because I can’t stand that big spring clean up when there is just so much poop!  I also use my yard for play and training with dogs so I certainly don’t want them or me stepping in it.


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