No pets? No problem! Wags & Wiggles does house sitting also

As part of the services offered at Wags & Wiggles you can hire us to check on your home in your absence – whether it be an extended vacation, extended business trip, a second home or transition period between two homes – Wags & Wiggles can come in to check on things such as heating/cooling systems working, look for damage due to weather and/or burglary, bring in your mail/newspapers, alternate lights, water plants, etc.

Many people don’t realize if you are away from your home for any length of time it may be a requirement of your insurance company to have someone competent check on your home in order to maintain your policy.  Check with your individual policy to find out what the time frame is and what the requirements are.

Contact Wags & Wiggles to set up a meet and greet to go over things you want checked in your home.   A schedule of visits can be customized based on your absence and the requirements of your insurance company.

Sue can be reached by phone at 647-228-0273 or email at


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