This is just the beginning…


I started this business about a year ago and have debated since then if I need a website…do I know how to create one? will I have time to update it? will it provide anything to my clients? will it have anything to offer to potential clients?  Well it has taken a year but I decided to go for it…so far the creating part has only been a bit frustrating – luckily it’s a rainy, gloomy night and my dogs have all been exercised and trained today so I’ve got time to sit and play with it.  The rest…well we’ll have to see how it goes.

I hope to provide my clients with cute stories and photos that may or may not include their pets, will most definitely include funny stories and photos of my own pets as well as offer potential clients a way to see what services I offer.

I also hope to share some of the fun events I attend, the things I know as well as many other tips and tricks I have learned over the years

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