About Sue

It would be more than fair to call me an animal lover.  I have always had a pet or two, whether it was a cat or dog, hamster or goldfish.  And for the brief time I didn’t have a pet of my own I was on a waiting list to get one.


The idea for my dog walking and pet sitting services came from my own need for such a service for my own energetic young dog while I commuted to a job in the city.  That dog is now at the Rainbow Bridge but even in his senior years having someone come in and check on him would have set my mind at ease while away for an extended period of time.

I am currently loved and owned by five wonderful dogs Party, Traffic, Widget, Spy and Jools.  All of my dogs are my beloved pets and four of them are performance dogs who participate in entertainment shows with me as well as dog sport competitions.  I love training and teaching them new things, taking them on hikes where they can run and swim, going for car rides, visiting the pet store and snuggling with them.


I have fourteen years of experience working in the pet sitting industry, five years of experience working in the veterinary field, am trained in Pet First Aid, WNW Certified logohave attended numerous training classes, workshops, and seminars with all of my dogs on various topics and taught puppy classes and tricks for dogs classes.  I believe whole-heartedly a tired dog is a good dog and the services I offer will ensure your dog is well-exercised and cared for in your absence.

13 thoughts on “About Sue

  1. Hi Sue.
    We live at Horseshoe Hill Road north of Escarpment Side Rd in Caledon Village. We have 2 friendly Golden Retrivers who are a little overweight and in need of daily walks. Our road had no sidewalks so we have to put the fogs in the car and drive them to Escarpment Side Rd which is a short ride down the street. It’s a dirt road with very little traffic.
    My husband and I own backyard ice rink company so we are both very busy in the winter so it’s impossible to walk them during this time. I’m wondering if you could walk our boys Quincy and Jake once daily Mon-Fri and what your rate would be.
    Thanks so much
    Cathy Ishmael


  2. Hello Sue,
    I received your info from Amy Symonds. Looking for “vacation care” for a couple days in April. Would be Wednesday April 18th evening. Thursday April 20th Morning/Evening and Friday April 21st Morning. We are located in Hillsburgh. Just wondering if you had availability these dates as well as your rates.
    Thank you for your time,


    1. Hi Amanda
      Thanks for your message. Unfortunately Hillsburgh is out of my service area so I’m not able to help out with your pets. Maybe check with your vet or find out who your neighbors use?


  3. I noticed that you come as far as Cheltenham. Would you also service Terra Cotta? We Are about 5 mins from cheltenham.


  4. Hi I live in Caledon East and I was wondering how much you charge for my 10 week old puppy three days a week three visits for P and playtime. It’s a miniature Labre doodle. I was wondering what your rates are.
    Sincerely Kristine


    1. Hi Kristine
      Thanks for your message. I offer three different services – a potty break for 15 min (ideal for puppies or senior dogs) is $16 + HST, a 30 minute walk is $20 + HST or a 60 minute hike (usually reserved for high energy adult dogs) is $30 + HST. It would be best to email or call me so we can discuss your dogs’ needs wagsnwiggles.sue@gmail.com or 647-228-0273 🙂 Congrats on your new puppy!


  5. Hi there! We live in Bolton and have a 4 month old standard poodle Would need a pee break during the day. Do you serve this area? And if so what are your rates and availability?




  6. Hi there,
    We are in need of a dog sitter for when we are on our family vacations. We don’t need a live in, just someone to feed morning and evening, walk and pee breaks. We are usually away a week at a time. We have two older small breed dogs. What would your rate be for this type of service? Thanks!


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